Monday, April 22, 2013

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industries (Part 1)

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industry is my first full time job. I joined this company on April 2012.

The first day I stepped into the QC  department I was very closed to faint. The sitting desks are old, dirty and packed with people. When I entered the working laboratory, I couldn't believe the old fashioned furniture and worst, the environment seems not very clean. The air current in the laboratory is hot and the validation is poor. For a moment, I remembered those internship time in Chemistry Department. The environment was so good, so organised compared to this.

Everyone were busy and my colleagues barely bother of me. At last, a technician was appointed to guide me. Before this, i was a laboratory tutor for the freshers. I'd picked up many basics before I became a tutor. Many things I've learnt and I've known. I find it so boring &  unchallenging....

The procedures here are complicated and inconvenience. Most of the equipments that used need to be recorded by hands. I don't understand why the method is so conventional?

Besides, all of the computers are so outdated and no Internet connection is available. Also, the employees are not allowed to bring the cell phone into the working place and it shall store in the locker. I feel like I'm jailed.....

I hate the job, I hate the policies in my first day of working.

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