Monday, April 22, 2013

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industries (Part 1)

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industry is my first full time job. I joined this company on April 2012.

The first day I stepped into the QC  department I was very closed to faint. The sitting desks are old, dirty and packed with people. When I entered the working laboratory, I couldn't believe the old fashioned furniture and worst, the environment seems not very clean. The air current in the laboratory is hot and the validation is poor. For a moment, I remembered those internship time in Chemistry Department. The environment was so good, so organised compared to this.

Everyone were busy and my colleagues barely bother of me. At last, a technician was appointed to guide me. Before this, i was a laboratory tutor for the freshers. I'd picked up many basics before I became a tutor. Many things I've learnt and I've known. I find it so boring &  unchallenging....

The procedures here are complicated and inconvenience. Most of the equipments that used need to be recorded by hands. I don't understand why the method is so conventional?

Besides, all of the computers are so outdated and no Internet connection is available. Also, the employees are not allowed to bring the cell phone into the working place and it shall store in the locker. I feel like I'm jailed.....

I hate the job, I hate the policies in my first day of working.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm back!

I've left blogger for 2 years. Where I've been so far?

I've so much to share, but to make it short, the main chapter in these 2 years were: (1) I'm a Master Degree holder and (2) I'm working.

My Master Degree life was one of my best study times. I did complaint a lot, while I'm in the situation. I cried most of the nights when I'm not sure when my research is promising. I felt the pressure and expectation is sky-high when family issues rolled in.

After 18 months of completion, I did discovered times flies so fast. What I'd worried initially has been solved. I've learnt that God will not ask you to do things that are out of your limits.

I got a job immediately right after my graduation ceremony, in April 2012. I went to many interviews before this but no open doors are shown.  When I got this job offer, I wasn't happy for it. I knew that his is not what I want to achieve in life....

Friday, January 15, 2010


I passed how many motels
And had realized that leaving is not a wrong choice
Have you ever looking back
Or keep the past as memory?

So that there is so memorable in everyday
When gone through all the toughness
Count the tears that you had
I know that the heritage of love is painful

Lay through how many bed
Changed how many belief
Just allowed the weeding ring to be exchanged without regret

Let the warm of a body
Transfer to another chest
Create a hope for the past mistake
Perhaps every human behave this way
When you experienced the tragic
You won't be the lamb of sacrifice in courtship

Memory just like the moon which is not tangible
When you hold it darkness will come
Let the virtual shadow disappear
The sun will shine on you
Let all the mistake be pardoned
Love will never ends
Dreaming of happy after ever
You gotta have courage

Monday, September 14, 2009

Waiting to be home

Study harder.
4 days towards holidays.
Monday: 12:00 polymer quiz 3
Tuesday: Due date for environment assignment
Wednesday: PSM meeting
Thrusday: Party Time!!!

I sticked a notes in front of me coz my concentration seems so deviated. I can't wait for going back for holiday!!!! i screamed at myself many many times since last week.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Looking Forward to the Coming Holidays

This is the 8Th week in campus. I starred at the calender last night, counting the days that I would leaving here. I still consider this semester is a light semester, with only 16 credits hour! At times, I was really boring. I got no transport and it's really hard for me to move around during Saturdays and Sundays. Gotta look outside from the window is there any buses coming and run down!!! There is when I spend some time to make dessert, cook dinner.
Proposal, proposal, proposal..... this is totally scary. we got sleepless night, reading, searching, writing and all stuff... At times, I even woke up in the mid night because of PROPOSAL. Whatever! Such a great relieve when I passed up the proposal. You know, I think I got the ability to do things fast, I used 4 days to complete 20++ pages of proposal. Or in other words, when you are desperate, everything is possible.
After the crazy proposal week, guess what? Exams, tests, assignments due date are queuing behind. 24 hours is not enough!!! Actually it's enough! Stop sleeping, stop watching movies... Have qualitative and quantitative time for youself to study ya!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Explotion of Baby Lamp

Yesterday I dropped my baby lamp.

Unfortunately, when I try to switch it on, it could not light up!

I guess the light bulb must be losen or something.

So I tightened and tightened it...

OK, it should be that way, I whispered.

I fixed into the 3 pin plug and nothing happen..

Impossible, I was wondering in my mind as I pushed the baby lamp hard into the 3 pin plug.


Oh no!!!! I screamed in the bottom of my heart. The light bulb has explode!

Thank God that I'm still alive! This was the first thought that came across my mind.

My hand is painful althought it isn't injured. It might be the momentum inside the bulb has hit me so hard.

I spoilt 4 plugs in my room, which every plug could not be used. I'm not sure why? I thought only one plug has been burnt inside... Perhaps the authorities may fix the plugs as soon as possible. I really need it so much!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fire Fly Island

After 1 week of busy schedule, a group of of decided to go for a retreat in Kota Tinggi. I'm not sure what's the exact landmark name, just call it Fire Fly Island, alright!!!

It was a really long journey.. From Skudai to Tebrau City , 40 minutes. From Tebrau heading to Kota Tinggi, another 1 hour 30 minutes. What to do in the car? Is so dark and nothing can be seen on the way. Trees and rubber estates.... Play with Leah's Mr. Pooh...

Oh no!!! We got so excited. There are boats to bring us travel to the island and see fire fly glows in the dark.

Oops... the boat seems drowning to one side coz there are too many of us sitting on the same side. Scary...